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Every jurisdiction comes with its own set of market opportunities, but it can also come with its own set of challenges for businesses wanting to set up there.

Our local market experts are on hand to ensure your business is built on solid ground, no matter where you choose to expand your operations. Stability, efficiency, and compliance form the key components on our approach to delivering success at every stage of your company’s lifecycle.

From identifying and shaping the right entity structure that complies with local rules and regulations from the outset, to carrying out ongoing compliance health checks, providing directorship and shareholder services as and when needed, preparing, and filing legal and financial paperwork, setting up bank accounts, to winding up and dissolving entities.

Our team takes away the headache of managing different jurisdictional procedures, legal nuances, and administrative challenges, so you can focus on the all-important opportunities.

Ensure your business is built on solid ground, no matter where you choose to expand



Incorporation of a legal entity; statutory registrations; provision of Local Director and Shareholder, and provision of Registered Office Address

The process starts with identifying the right form of business structure and getting the basic framework setup

  • Incorporation of legal entity
  • Statutory registrations
  • Fiduciary services
  • Bank account setup


Health Check; annual compliance as per Secretarial Standards; assistance with board and shareholder meetings; minutes of meetings; annual filings with regulatory authorities


Winding up or dissolution of legal entity; entity management during winding up

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